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St La Salle School Karemeno


La Salle Secondary School in Karemeno offers its 205 students not only regular academic courses, but also courses in agriculture and vocational fields, thanks to the presence of agricultural fields, greenhouse, farm, and fishing pond.

The educational program allows students to put into practice what they have learned in classroom, so that once they finish secondary education-especially for those who cannot afford to go to college-they will be able to improve their skills and profitability of mainly agro-pastoral activities, which are often already carried out by their families.

Many of the school premises are already powered by the clean, renewable energy of solar panels, and in order to reduce its environmental impact even more, last year we installed a biogas plant, which will eliminate the use of wood burning.

The biogas plant is fueled by biomass generated from the farm animals and, in turn, produces waste that can be utilized as organic fertilizer for agricultural fields. In this way, the school not only reduces its ecological footprint but also trains its students on sustainable practices and responsible management of natural resources.

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