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on Education for Social Transformation

Campaigns on Agenda 2030 for schools at all levels.

UN Sustainable Development Goal 15: Life on Earth


The earth is filled with life, how will we protect it?

UN Sustainable Development Goal 6: Clean Water


Water is our most precious resource. It is in our hands to respect it, protect it, conserve it!

UN Sustainable Development Goal 7, Clean Energy, and 13, Climate Action


Let’s plant seeds to sow the future

UN Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality Education


Education. Let’s build our future together

Engage the younger generation in international issues

Every year, as part of our commitment to schools, we promote a social transformation education campaign for students of all ages.

Download all our campaign materials and involve tomorrow’s citizens in the culture of solidarity, human rights, and sustainable development!

  • Insightful materials for teachers and educators.

  • Videos, infographics, posters and flyers

  • Engaging and recreational activities for students of all ages.