Who we Are

Who we Are

Who we Are2024-04-30T15:08:14+02:00

Our Mission

We envision a world where every child can sit in classroom, dream of their future, and believe that anything is possible for them.

Poverty and war steal the childhood from millions of children every day
For them, returning to the classroom represents the chance to hope for a different future.
We champion their right to be children and receive an education, and we do so by bringing the best possible schools to the world’s most fragile contexts.

In all our projects we ensure:




  • Capacity Building

Our Commitment

Our Foundation is the main fundraising tool of the La Salle Institute, which has 1100 educational works, in 80 countries around the world, serving more than one million students

70 K

Direct beneficiaries


Million raised

Meet our team

La Salle Foundation Team

Angela Matulli

Executive Director

Dante Amisola – FSC

Deputy Director

Peter Stemp

Associate Director

Maria Emilia Marra

Program Department Coordinator

Serena Pegorin

Project Manager

Raoul Téfio Traoré – FSC

Project Manager

Laura Ballerini

Fundraising and Communication Coordinator

Eleonora Munaretto

Executive Office Administrator

Andrea Caizzi

Administrative Officer

Our Partners


Accountability and transparency in our work

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