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Water for our school.

90% of the inhabitants of Pozo Colorado (semi-arid Chaco region) live in rural and isolated areas, employed with low income in agricultural “haciendas,” in multidimensional poverty.

Because of the distance to schools and the low quality of roads and transportation, many parents are unable to secure their children’s education and take them to work with them, reiterating the cycles of poverty they experienced.

Within this context, our primary and secondary school “San Isidro Labrador” is the alternative for a better future: thanks to its dormitories, it creates a safe environment for 300 students.

However, there is another serious problem in the region: there is a lack of water. There are no nearby rivers or lakes and no municipal water supply, the only source of water is rainfall.

During the dry season, when the school has no water, it is forced to close and disrupt the educational activities of hundreds of children.

This is why we are building a rainwater collection, treatment and distribution system, designed to ensure clean, potable water for the next fifty years! The three thousand people in the Pozo Colorado area will also benefit.

In this manner, we aim to not only provide clean, potable water for the first time but also secure the right to education for hundreds of vulnerable children and youth.

  • STEP 1: Rainwater collection ponds.

  • STEP 2: Water purification and treatment system

  • STEP 3: Collection centers to ensure access to water for the Pozo Colorado community.

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