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At school after the war

La Salle School Rumbek, South Sudan

Our school is located in Rumbek, South Sudan, the world’s youngest nation, which became independent in 2011 after a long and bloody war with Sudan.

Due to the civil war that commenced in 2013, a significant portion of the already insufficient school infrastructure was either destroyed or repurposed for other needs.

The quality of education is alarmingly low, primarily attributed to a shortage of schools, qualified teachers, and teaching materials. According to the United Nations, over 2 million children and youth are still excluded from the educational system.

To address this urgent educational need, in March 2018 (the start of the South Sudanese school year) construction of the La La Salle School- Rumbek was started on the 48 hectares of land donated by local chiefs. In that very month, classes commenced for the inaugural class of 23 students, accommodated at the Sisters of Loreto School.

In June 2019, our students were able to attend classes in their still incomplete new school. By incorporating an additional 50 new students, the school extended quality education to a total of 73 youth.

Today, the La Salle School-Rumbek campus was enhanced with the addition of a second residence hall for teachers and a second dormitory for students.

The surrounding land of the school has been allocated for cultivating grains and fruit trees, aimed at providing sustenance for the cafeteria and ensuring food security for the students.

Today the school has nearly 300 students! With its holistic approach that integrates children’s rights, trauma relief and recovery actions, and education that provides students with targeted skills, La Salle School-Rumbek is a beacon of hope for youth and the community.

Let’s hear it from our students!

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