For Everyone Everywhere

For Everyone Everywhere

Donate now and change the world
through education

For us, job #1 is Education. As a non-profit organization, we are committed to quality education for vulnerable children and youth all over the world.


In all our programs, our primary goal is to protect the rights of children and youth.


We champion initiatives that alleviate the isolation, discrimination, and vulnerability faced by women and girls.


We are committed to create sustainable educational communities that become socially, economically and ecologically healthy and resilient.


We train educators to foster a secure and welcoming school environment through annual capacity-building courses.

One La Salle Global Fund Campaign!

Change the world through education!

Brazil Flood Crisis.

Lasallian Emergency Response Fund

Our Commitment in 2022

to ensure that every child can sit in classroom, dream of their future, and believe that anything is possible for them.

  • more than 7 million euros raised and distributed

  • 62 projects implemented in 20 countries across five continents

  • 70,000 direct beneficiaries

Life-changing education

With your donation you will provide access to quality education for children and youth all over the world.

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The earth is filled with life

UN Sustainable Development Goal 15

Water is our most precious resource

UN Sustainable Development Goal 6

Let’s plant seeds to sow the future

UN Sustainable Development Goal 7 & 13