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Fratelli Projects: for refugee children and youth.

In the outskirts of Beirut and Saida, Lebanon, we extend a daily second chance at education for refugee children and youth who have sought refuge from the war in Syria and religious persecution in Iraq.
The Fratelli Project is a socio-educational center committed to fostering the inclusion of the most vulnerable through personalized programs for each individual, in collaboration with the Marist Brothers.

We strive to assist the youngest children in recovering the time lost due to the war, facilitating their integration into the school system. Furthermore, we provide professional training opportunities for both young individuals and the mothers of students, many of whom are often alone.
We give special attention to new mothers and their babies, welcomed into a program led by trained nurses.
We pay special attention to essential issues such as newborn screening, vaccination pathways, and hygiene and nutrition education, thus ensuring the healthy and harmonious growth of the little ones.

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Mirroring the Fratelli Project initiative in Lebanon, a new Fratelli Project has opened its doors in Colombia for Venezuelan refugees.

At “La Pista,” a former airport now transformed into Colombia’s largest refugee camp, thousands of Venezuelan displaced persons find refuge.
These individuals have fled, some even on foot, escaping extreme poverty in their country, which is currently facing the most significant socio-economic crisis in its history.

Aligned with our project in Lebanon, we have initiated a socio-educational program here for children and youth, ensuring their right to access education.
At ‘La Pista’, basic services, clean water and food are lacking. This is why, we aim to support the children of Fratelli Project through a food program, ensuring they receive at least one healthy and nutritious meal each day to nurture their growth towards a better future.

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