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Brazil Flood Crisis.

Our schools are surrounded by water.

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The southern state of Rio Grande do Sul has been severely affected by floods, resulting in widespread inundation. Lasallian institutions in Porto Alegre, Canoas, Esteio and Sapucaia do Sul are currently surrounded by water and have been evacuated due to floodwaters’ penetration into the sewage system, which poses a significant risk of spreading infectious diseases.

In the wake of this disaster, many families of our students and personnel are facing immense challenges, having lost their homes to the floodwaters. In response to this tragic situation, Colégio La Salle Santo Antônio and Colégio La Salle São João, in Porto Alegre, and Universidade La Salle, Fundação La Salle, Colégio La Salle Canoas and Colégio La Salle Niterói, in Canoas, have transformed into shelters for those displaced by the floods.

Both schools in Porto Alegre – Santo Antônio e São João – are welcoming families of Lasallian students and educators. In a united effort, all Lasallian institutions in the country have swiftly mobilized to provide essential support to the victims.

Donate now to provide food and basic necessities to those affected by this calamity. Donate now to the Lasallian Emergency Response Fund


Wars, floods, earthquakes, cyclones, epidemics, and conflicts have, in recent years, become distressingly frequent occurrences in our daily lives. This surge in humanitarian crises compels us to respond urgently with emergency appeals, highlighting the pressing need for intervention and support.

We have faced the challenges of the most serious humanitarian emergencies on our planet, offering relief to affected communities and working to help them rebuild their daily lives.

Even in humanitarian emergencies, our mission remains steadfast: to ensure access to education and prevent children and youth, already in a very vulnerable position, from seeing their futures put on hold.

In times of crisis, the risk of educational pathways being disrupted is particularly high, but we are actively working to prevent this from happening. Every effort is geared toward preserving the basic right to school, providing young people with tools to face challenges and build a better future.

The key to our immediate and timely engagement lies in our Lasallian Emergency Fund, which allows us to mobilize resources at the very moment an emergency erupts.
Your contribution to this fund is the driving force behind our capacity to be prepared and responsive in emergency situations, enabling us to assist those who need us the most!

Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

We helped the affected people by sending humanitarian aid and distributing hot meals. Afterwards, we sent containers equipped as classrooms to ensure that children and youth could continue to go to school.

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War in Ukraine

After the outbreak of war in Ukraine, we sent humanitarian aid, opened shelters and hosted hundreds of students in our schools.

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Explosion at the port of Beirut

On August 4, 2020, a devastating explosion ravaged downtown Beirut, damaging our three schools in the city.

Find out how we were able to rebuild them and assist the most affected families!

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