UN Sustainable Development Goals 7 & 13

Let’s plant seeds to sow the future

Together with other Lasallian, Claretian, and Marist nonprofits, we have created materials for students of all ages to discuss climate change, its causes, and clean, renewable energy!

Let’s plant seeds to sow the future!

The 2021-22 Social Transformation Education Campaign addressed issues related to Goals 7 and 13 of the United Nations 2030 Agenda: ‘Clean Energy’ and ‘Climate Action’. These two goals are strongly linked: to address the climate emergency caused by greenhouse gas emissions, we need to reconsider our consumption and lifestyles while embracing clean and renewable energy.

  • Networking with other Claretian, Marist, and Lasallian nonprofits, we have created engaging resources available to you in five languages.

    Games, Video Reflections, and Workshops

  • The campaign is open to schools, teachers, parents, and anyone interested in educating future generations about sustainability

  • With your help, we can inspire positive and responsible actions to safeguard our planet and its inhabitants. Download all the materials

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