Anjara’story: Forging Dreams in Web Development

Meet Anjara Nomena Idealy, a 16-year-old from Ambatondrazaka, Madagascar, a city known as the “rice granary” of the country.

Since her hometown lacks higher education opportunities, Anjara had to travel to Antananarivo, enrolling at the Institut National Supérieur to study computer science, with her sights set on becoming a web developer.

Because her parents have a low income and have to take care of younger siblings, they could not afford to pay for her studies in the capital.

Similar to her, many girls in the country face the challenge of being unable to pursue their high school studies as they lack the means to relocate to the capital independently. This is why we assisted our Lasallian school, Sainte Famille Mahamasina, in renovating a section of its infrastructure to provide accommodation for young girls and bolster their academic endeavors. Anjara is one of them. She was about to give up on her dream when she met our Lasallian school Sainte Famille, which supports young women like her in continuing their higher studies.

The supportive environment and access to computers and the internet have propelled her closer to her dreams.

Anjara’s story is one of resilience and community support as she paves her path in the web development world, carrying her hometown’s hopes into the digital realm