The story of little Levi Emanuel

The early morning of May 4th was supposed to be like any other in the Mathias Velho neighborhood of Canoas, Brazil. Joseane Rosa, or Josi, as she is affectionately known, was at home with her two children, eagerly awaiting the arrival of her third, Levi Emanuel, who was due any day. However, that morning, Josi sensed that things would be different. It had been raining for days, and the imminent collapse of a nearby dam suggested that fate had other plans.

In May, the state of Rio Grande do Sul faced one of the worst floods in its history. More than five hundred thousand people lost their homes, including Josi and her family. The worldwide La Salle family took immediate action, here we explain how.

Nine months pregnant, Josi endured hours in the cold and unsanitary water before finding refuge at the Sports Center of La Salle University in Canoas. The university had immediately opened its doors to those who had lost everything in the flood. Josi was welcomed with her children, and on May 22nd, the university’s nurses took her to the hospital to give birth to Levi Emanuel.

When La Salle University resumed classes, the flood victims were relocated to the La Salle Pastoral Center, where hundreds of families are waiting to return to their homes. There, they are provided with water, food, medical assistance, and help rebuilding their houses.

A special room was dedicated to Josiane so she could care for her newborn. An even greater surprise came from the La Salle Network: Levi Emanuel received a scholarship from preschool to graduation!“I am speechless. We didn’t go through all this in vain; God has a purpose for everything, and this is the purpose. I didn’t imagine this would happen, and it is very emotional. I am happy because his future is guaranteed. Thank you, La Salle,”said Josi.

The Rector of Unilasalle, Prof. Dr. Fr. Cledes Antonio Casagrande, the general coordinator of the Fundação La Salle, Lucinei Hanauer, the director of Colégio La Salle Canoas, Aureo Kerbes, and the director of Colégio La Salle Niterói, Fr. Claudio Dierings, were present at the shelter to sign the agreement formalizing the scholarship.

Today, we represent the entire educational community and the La Salle Network, and we feel grateful for this life being born among us. At the same time, we reaffirm our commitment to the human and Christian education of children and young people worldwide“, said the Rector.

For us, it is a joy and a blessing to have this birth in our shelter. As an institution, we have taken on the social commitment to help this family. We know that returning home will be difficult, but they can count on our support so that Levi Emanuel can grow up healthy and happy“, added the director of the Fundação La Salle, Lucinei Hanauer.