Plant a tree in Burkina Faso

In Burkina Faso, one of the poorest countries in sub-Saharan Africa, Lasallians bring hope for a better future by teaching sustainable agriculture and animal husbandry to young people and families in the rural area of Bérégadougou, at the “CLIMA” center.

Burkina Faso stands as one of the nations most severely impacted by the phenomenon of land desertification—a condition marked by the depletion of nutrients and productivity, largely attributed to the effects of climate change. The communities most dependent on agriculture, such as CLIMA’s family businesses, are the first to be affected.

That’s why we launched the campaign “Plant a tree in Burkina Faso“.

One of the CLIMA mothers with her son.

Repopulates a wild forest

  • You will plant trees

  • Trees will clean the air and nourish the soil

  • You will help farming communities in Burkina Faso

Trees are essential in the fight against climate change. as they reduce carbon dioxide levels and purify the air we breathe. But forests are also crucial for protecting biodiversity, conserving water, and the fertility of lands, which CLIMA families learn to cultivate!

With your support, you will help repopulate a wild forest of nilotic acacia in CLIMA land!

It will be a true oasis, where plants and animals will live freely-a true green lung because remember: if the planet breathes, you breathe!

You can make a difference for the environment and farming communities in the country: Plant a tree in Burkina Faso!