Bring back the sunshine to Acapulco

Our 1300 students from La Salle Acapulco risk of dropping out of school because of Hurricane Otis.

Support their scholarship with a donation and ensure their right to go to school.

On October 24, 2023, Hurricane Otis devasted Mexico’s coast, impacting the city of Acapulco, where our primary and secondary school is situated.

Despite sustaining significant damage, the school has been reconstructed, thanks to the collaborative efforts of the Mexican and international La Salle network and the invaluable assistance of dedicated volunteers.

While the school stands ready to reopen its doors, we need your support to welcome our students back.

Families are grappling with considerable distress in the aftermath of the hurricane, making it increasingly difficult to sustain their children’s education.

Don’t let them leave the school!

Bring back the sunshinetoto Acapulco with your donation