Write my school in your will

Leave a gift to La Salle Foundation in your WILL, and you WILL continue to provide quality education to children and youth at risk all over the world.

By remembering the La Salle Foundation in your legacy, you will help us carry out long-term interventions all over the world to ensure access to education for thousands of vulnerable children and youth.

1. what is a will?

A will is an act of voluntary disposition of one's property after death and allows you to make a bequest to organizations such as ours. Please consult a legal advisor or solicitor to assist you.

2. can i look after my loved ones and donate to a nonprofit?

Certainly, when consulting your legal advisor, make sure to take care of your loved ones and find out more about what can you include in you will

3. how can I include you in my will?

If you’d like to include La Salle Foundation in your legacy, insert the following message: I give to “La Salle Foundation”, in Via Aurelia 476, 00165 Rome, Italy X amount, for its charitable purposes.

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